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Nadolig tirion, blwyddyn o fendithion

  First of all, some good news – you are the first to know that we have launched a new Twin Botanical gin – Pupur pinc.   Jin Talog is well known for being fearless with flavours and this new gin is no exception – our delicious organic juniper twinned with...

Send a ‘hiraeth’ fix this Christmas

They say that there is no English translation for Welsh word, ‘hiraeth’.  We don’t know about that – but we do know how ‘hiraeth’ feels. It is to have a deep longing for a place and family.   A desire to revisit places, sounds, smells and tastes that you love.   A...

2018- What a year it’s been.

2018- What a year it’s been.

It's that time of year- the house looks bare when the Christmas decorations come down and only the toffees are left in the Quality Street tin. Who ate all the good ones first? We have spent a lot of time over the Christmas break having a bit of a rest and looking back...

Jin Talog ar daith - on tour

Advance notice of where we will be selling Jin Talog in person (farmers’ markets, agricultural shows, festivals etc.)

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