Jin Talog - Organic Welsh Gin

Like our gin, our lives have taken many twists and turns to get here

Welsh boys, moved to London, spent too long in the corporate world, made good, returned to Wales to get our hands dirty and produce something tangible from our labour - rare breed sheep and gin

It’s been fun, we’ve got muddy, fallen over many times, and the land and livestock have taught us a lot – in corporate speak: it’s been a very steep learning curve

We are not master distillers, but we are mastering the art of distilling. We have had the time and dedication to experiment,  and a fierce determination to get it right, to stand proud and, of course, to create the perfect hand-crafted artisan gin

If we wouldn’t drink it, how could we expect anyone else to?

With us, it's personal!

Iechyd da. Your good health.
The Jin Journal