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Jin Talog - Organic Welsh Gin



How do we make our gin as sustainable and environmentally responsible as possible? We are proud to have been certified as organic producers by the Welsh Organic Scheme. We only use organic grain neutral spirit and organic fair-trade juniper berries in our gin,. From time to time, we home grow additional botanicals, for our limited edition gins, to organic standards. We harvest our spring water from beneath our feet – nothing is added.

Being low impact is massively important to us. In our daily lives we strive to have as small an environmental footprint as possible. We recycle, repair, re-use, grow our own foods and rear sheep, geese, chickens and pigs as naturally as possible. It was a no-brainer that these values would be adopted by Jin Talog.

organic gin, gin distillery north wales, welsh gin, juniper gin


We distil using a closed system that has been cleverly designed (by us) to eradicate chemical cleaners and waste. There is no waste! Spent juniper is composted and washing water is stored as grey water to provide irrigation for our fruit trees.

We avoid using plastic wherever possible.  All packaging is bio-degradable and, of course, the bottle is recyclable and reusable. We believe that its elegant design lends itself to all sorts of other uses after you have enjoyed the gin. And don’t forget to order another bottle!

If you order online, your bottle will be packaged carefully using wool from our own rare breed Balwen flock. Our sheep are shorn on the farm every summer. We then prepare the wool using the ancient process of natural fermentation known as “suint”. This gentle, zero-carbon process cleans our fleeces naturally over the period of a month.

We hope that you find another use for our wool when your bottle of Jin Talog arrives. Please do not put it in landfill as it can be used for many things. At the very least it can be composted.

organic gin, juniper gin, gin distillery north wales, welsh gin

We sleep better at night knowing that we are having a very low impact on our planet, whilst producing great gin. As we used to say in another life – “Win Win” (or should that be “Jin Jin”?).

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