Jin Talog Pupur Pinc Organic Gin

A gentle Christmas leads to a year of blessings

First of all, some good news – you are the first to know that we have launched a new Twin Botanical gin – Pupur pinc.   Jin Talog is well known for being fearless with flavours and this new gin is no exception – our delicious organic juniper twinned with organic Madagascan pink peppercorns to make a very special gin.  We have only made one batch and so if you want to spice up your Christmas, please order via our online shop.


Secondly, gifting.  We are shipping Jin Talog all over the UK and indeed around the world for Christmas.  Last order date for overseas is 10 December, so if you want to send gin overseas for Christmas please do it soon. UK last day is 18th.

If you live in Carmarthenshire, we are offering a socially distanced hand delivery service (wearing our famous leather aprons!!!) on 20 December.  So, if you’d like Jin Talog hand delivered as a gift,  or for yourself, then please order online and mention HAND DELIVERY in the gift message box and leave the rest to us.

Finally,  that saying at the top of the email.   There is a lot of wisdom in old Welsh sayings and this one is just perfect for Christmas 2020.   ‘A gentle Christmas leads to a year of blessings’ and how we hope that this Christmas does indeed lead to a 2021 of blessings. We could all do with that.

Happy Christmas everybody and thank you all for your fantastic support this year.  Keep well and see you in 2021.

David and Anthony

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