Jin Talog - Organic Welsh Gin

Distinctive, clean, heady and organic

Juniper-y Jin Talog is the product of a lot of time, fun and experimentation. Our signature gin gives a great juniper 'hit' whether taken neat, with tonic or in a classic cocktail.

We set out to make a single botanical London Dry Gin that outlives the tonic, tastes great, avoids gimmicks, and with no unusual and unnecessary ingredients:

just the best a gin can be.

Distilled in Small Batches

We start with Megan - she is our lovely goddaughter, and also the name of our nano-still; both are petite. We gently coax the natural oils from our organic juniper berries using our secret method to guarantee peak juniper flavour. The copper in our still ensures Jin Talog's purity and clarity. We then hand-craft each nano-batch to create a maximum of 35 bottles of Jin Talog, making sure that each drop is perfect.

Welsh London Dry?

The term “London Dry Gin” refers to the process used to make the gin, and has nothing to do with where the gin is made. Otherwise we would have to move to London.

 Been there, done that!

What makes a London dry gin?
What you probably need to know is that any London Dry Gin must: be distilled ensuring that the botanicals come into contact with the raw spirit contain no essences or concentrates be flavoured predominantly with juniper have an ABV (Alcohol by Volume) of 37.5% or above contain no artificial ingredients have no flavour or colouring added after distillation Here lies the alchemy of the distillation process in a premium gin like Jin Talog Not all gins can be classed as London Dry. There are other, less complex ways to make gin, but we think that the London Dry method delivers the highest quality gin, with the truest flavour Making gin in this way requires painstaking dedication to ensure that the end product is a gin that really does embody our passion and commitment. We hope that you agree

Cloudy Gin?

In Carmarthenshire, it rains a lot. We embrace clouds and so should you…….

No need for an umbrella! 

Why is our gin sometimes cloudy?

The science of distillation can be baffling, but in essence – the more flavour – the more essential oils have been captured by the distillation process.

These oils are soluble in high proof alcohols.  Once diluted by ice or tonic they can result in a slight cloudiness – technically spontaneous emulsification or louching.  We do not filter our gin to remove flavour! 

This is perfectly normal and is simply a sign that the gin is heavy on flavour.   We call it our optimal botanical load –  the sweet spot where the gin has been given maximum flavour but remains clear in the bottle.

Please welcome our clouds,  no umbrellas necessary!

We decided to make our life even harder, and our gin even better, by only ever using a minimum of ingredients to ensure purity, simplicity and clarity of flavour.  We do not filter, so all the flavour remains in the bottle.  Any cloudiness is perfectly natural.  

Organic Juniper

Sadly, we don’t get enough sunshine in Wales to grow our own juniper berries and so we use juniper, sourced responsibly from small organic producers in Uzbekistan. Our juniper is Fairtrade.

Organic Spirit

All of our grain spirit is organic and distilled from organic cereals. Organic accreditation is provided by The Welsh Organic Scheme, with whom we enjoy a close relationship.

Welsh Water

The spring water is harvested on our farm, originating somewhere out in the North Atlantic. It regularly pours down on us and then takes its time to filter naturally down to about 180m below ground, through the 450-million-year-old Ordovician and Silurian rocks beneath our feet. We collect this wonderful clean fresh water and use it immediately, nothing is added.

Our Range of Gins

Jin Talog Single Botanical

Unashamedly Juniper
Our signature gin gives a great juniper “hit” whether drunk neat, with tonic, or in a classic cocktail. Our signature gin is a single botanical, unashamedly juniper gin. We use only three ingredients; with nowhere to hide, each one has to earn its place in your glass.

Jin Talog Twin Botanicals

Flavour, seasonality and rarity
Our range also includes highly limited edition Twin Botanical gins, where we marry our signature juniper edition with seasonal botanicals foraged or grown on our farm in the heart of rural Carmarthenshire. These include seasonal favourites such as Lemon Verbena, Blackcurrant Leaf and Bay. Their availability depends upon the weather, which seasonal botanicals are thriving on the farm, and whatever takes our fancy to grow and experiment with, to create these singular and rare gins. Our Twin Botanicals are made in small quantities and are highly seasonal, so get them while you can via the online shop.

We hand fill and label our bottles with a batch / bottle number which one of us will proudly sign. Alcohol levels may vary slightly by batch, reflecting the artisan and non-manufactured nature of our processes. We will of course annotate the bottle with the correct ABV (always somewhere between 40% and 45%), depending on each batch we make.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Deceptively difficult to get right! We think our hard work and head-scratching has paid off.

Enjoy / Mwynhewch

We are of the firm opinion that many gins can and should be enjoyed neat with ice – this really does bring out the flavour – but by all means, enjoy Jin Talog with ice, a slice of lemon or lime, and your favourite tonic. No gimmicks.
Tasting Notes

A gin for the bartender

All in all, Jin Talog is quite simply a high quality, hand-crafted gin that smells and tastes like proper gin. That’s not too much to ask, is it?
Mwynhewch! Enjoy!
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