Ein Milltir Sgwâr

In Wales the concept of a “milltir sgwâr” (or square mile) can be translated as our “patch” or “stamping ground”.

Jin Talog is emphatically and proudly Welsh, rooted in our locality.

Our milltir sgwâr is centred on rural north west Carmarthenshire, around the village of Talog. The land around here is agricultural, mainly dairy and sheep farms. The landscape is hilly and verdant, with steep valleys that run north to south, carved by the glacial meltwaters at the end of the last Ice Age.

Life in TALOG

There is a strong sense of community and culture here, and life continues to be marked by the farming calendar, local events, eisteddfodau and agricultural shows. Although no longer a dairy farm, we now rear Balwens (a rare breed mountain sheep native to Carmarthenshire), along with geese, pigs and hens.

Our Nano-Distillery

We thought long and hard about where to locate the nano-distillery on the farm. Eventually we settled on the cowshed. It seemed to be the best place in terms of light and gave us enough space to set up our still. Most importantly, it is the closest outbuilding to the farmhouse (it rains a lot in these parts!). After going through all the boring (but important) preparation for licensing, fire safety, food hygiene etc., the distillery eventually began to take shape. Our cowshed no longer echoes to the sounds of the herd coming in for milking twice daily. Instead you will find us hard at work – distilling, bottling, labelling and packaging everything ourselves by hand, ensuring that every small batch of Jin Talog is the best that it can be.


Juniper, Welsh water, organic grain spirit and a lot of hard work!


Every bottle of Jin Talog is filled and labelled by hand


Direct from the farm to you!

Hand crafted Gin

Everything that we do here at Jin Talog is done by hand and with painstaking love and care. The small scale of our distillery allows us to handcraft our gin with love and attention. We wouldn’t have it any other way.