It’s that time of year again- our sheep start to look enormous under their winter wool coats as the weather gets warmer. There’s only one thing for it- call the shearer!

In the old days, shearing time was a social occasion as farmers went around the local farms helping their neighbours, with a high tea provided by the farmers’ wife. These days shearing tends to happen on a much larger scale with flocks of hundreds and even thousands not uncommon.

Our Balwen flock is tiny in comparison, but we know every one of our sheep, and their personalities and quirks.

We think that our Balwens are much happier for being shorn- they certainly had a spring in their step when we put them back onto the field. We use their fleeces to package our gin bottles for online orders.

We use a technique called “suint”- it is a zero carbon, natural process that uses natural fermentation to self-clean our fleeces- no detergents or nasty chemicals required. This means that we don’t need to use yet more wasteful packaging when we ship our gin, and our customers get a sense of what we do on the farm when their gin arrives carefully wrapped in Balwen fleece.

You could say that Jin Talog is a gin in sheep’s clothing…