Jin Talog - Organic Welsh Gin

We don’t believe in gimmicks or unnecessary frills.

Jin Talog is a pure, clean gin that delivers a juniper hit – a gin that actually tastes like gin.

We enjoy ours neat over ice for that maximum juniper hit, or in a classic gin and tonic with plenty of ice.

You can add a slice of your choice.  We tend to drink it without but we aren’t the gin police, after all.

  We all have our favourite cocktails. Here on the farm, we have also taken the seasonal approach. Certain cocktails evoke long summer evenings in the garden when friends and neighbours show up, invited or otherwise, and there is a lingering light in the western sky until almost midnight. In the winter we cwtsh (that’s Welsh for huddle) around the Aga and the open fire, and after a long day on the farm we demand a more substantial and complex tipple.
Here are just a few ideas of how to use Jin Talog to make superb cocktails. You will have your own favourites and we would love to hear about them. Leave us your suggestions below . . .


Our Talogroni tastes best on a winter night, when the rain is lashing at the window, our wellies are drying in the porch after a long day, and the room is lit by the crackling light of the open fire. The juniper tones of Jin Talog work well in a Negroni, as our gin more than holds its own when competing with the strong tones and flavours of Campari and Vermouth.  The result is a complex mix of bitters, clean juniper that cuts through, and sweetness, set off by a twist of orange peel – we sear ours on the Aga, but this isn’t compulsory.


25ml Jin Talog 25ml Campari 25ml Sweet Vermouth (We like Lillet) A Twist of Orange Peel Ice


  • Fill a tumbler with ice cubes
  • Add the vermouth, Campari, and finally Jin Talog
  • Stir briefly
  • Take a sliver of orange peel
  • Twist to add some of the oil from the peel to your glass
  • Dunk the orange peel in your glass
  We love the jewel-like red tones of a Talogroni, elevated by a slice of orange that also feels rather Christmassy to us. Its almost viscous texture gives us a feeling of warmth and indulgence. A Talogroni in July would be unthinkable.

French 75

In this part of the world, we often experience what are known as “SA33 evenings” during summer. It doesn’t matter how atrocious the weather has been during the day, but often around six o’ clock, the sky will clear miraculously, giving us a long and sunny evening. On these long summer evenings here out West, we like nothing better than a French 75, especially when those friends and neighbours of ours drop in. It’s surprising how popular we have become since opening the distillery…


45ml Jin Talog 90ml brut Champagne (or Prosecco if you like it sweeter) 35 ml Lemon Juice 3 tsp Caster Sugar Lemon slice garnish  


  • Stir the lemon juice and sugar well (we use a cocktail shaker)
  • Add Jin Talog and ice cubes
  • Shake well
  • Fill a tall glass with more ice and strain in the gin mix
  • Top up with Champagne
  • Finish with a slice of lemon to garnish
These are just a few ideas for gin cocktails. The heady juniper hit of Jin Talog lends itself to any cocktail that demands a premium gin.
Let us know which cocktails you like to make with Jin Talog, and we will add your ideas to the website.

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