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A Welsh Gin Cocktail from Jin Talog

Our Talogroni tastes best on a winter night, when the rain is lashing at the window, our wellies are drying in the porch after a long day, and the room is lit by the crackling light of the open fire. The juniper tones of Jin Talog work well in a Negroni, as our gin more than holds its own when competing with the strong tones and flavours of Campari and Vermouth.  The result is a complex mix of bitters, clean juniper that cuts through, and sweetness, set off by a twist of orange peel – we sear ours on the Aga, but this isn’t compulsory. Try our award winning gins today!

We love the jewel-like red tones of a Talogroni, elevated by a slice of orange that also feels rather Christmassy to us. Its almost viscous texture gives us a feeling of warmth and indulgence. A Talogroni in July would be unthinkable.


25ml Jin Talog
25ml Campari
25ml Sweet Vermouth (We like Lillet)
A Twist of Orange Peel


Fill a tumbler with ice cubes
Add the vermouth, Campari, and finally Jin Talog
Stir briefly
Take a sliver of orange peel
Twist to add some of the oil from the peel to your glass
Dunk the orange peel in your glass


4.7/5 (3 Reviews)

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