Move over Santa….


Siôn Corn is the name used in Welsh to describe that gift giving workaholic also known as Father Christmas in other parts. It is thought that the name Siôn Corn comes from the term ‘corn simnai’ or chimney pot. He wears warm red and white coloured clothes and visits the children of Wales every year on Christmas day, provided that they have been good, of course!


Like Father Christmas, Siôn Corn is also a resident of Lapland. It is also said by some that he is married to a girl called Siân and that he has a lot of elves working for him and reindeer pulling his sleigh, including Rwdolff, who has a nose that lights up in order to lead Santa and the rest of the reindeer through the dark night.


We believe that we have been good all year (we would say that, wouldn’t we?), so we hope that Siôn Corn will be including Talog on his rounds this year.


Nadolig Llawen pawb!

Merry Christmas everyone!