We love finding out about new producers and craftspeople all over Wales. Although we are a small country, there is so much going on in the creative and food sectors. There can’t be many country lanes and rutted tracks that we haven’t driven down in search of that wooden spoon, Welsh blanket or new locally produced chocolate that everyone is talking about. I know, we should get out more…


Imagine our surprise to stumble across Jŵrnal- a website and cohort of craftspeople that celebrates the vibrant Welsh craft and artisan food scene. It was like coming home, and think of all that petrol that we will save in the future. We discovered that the attraction was mutual, and we were thrilled to get a mention in this month’s Jŵrnal newsletter.

Jŵrnal July 2018

Have a look and see what you think. So many small producers are doing exactly what Jin Talog is trying to achieve- putting time, care and love into doing something very specific, very well.


There is so much to discover all over Wales, and so much happening even in this part of Sir Gâr. Lledwch y gair! Spread the word!