It wouldn’t be gin without the Juniper.

Juniper is the botanical that is key to all gins. No matter how many botanicals are used, Juniper has to be the overriding flavour of any gin.

These days many gins smother or even disguise the flavour of juniper using a variety of other botanicals.  Why bother hiding what should be the essence of a good gin- that heady, aromatic juniper hit? Add a glug of tonic and that juniper taste has all but vanished.

Here at Jin Talog we celebrate juniper as the keynote botanical, taking centre stage in our signature gin.

Juniper berries are obtained from the juniperus communis, a small shrub that grows wild throughout the Northern Hemisphere. You can buy juniper bushes at your local garden centre. We have planted a few in our conifer patch for fun, but it might take a while for them to produce berries.

For this reason, we source our organic juniper berries from farms in Uzbekistan, where the climate is ideal for them to reach their peak. We are proud that our juniper berries are Fairtrade. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

We use a secret method to ensure that we get the most from our juniper berries, making sure that they release the full potency and flavour of their oils in each batch of Jin Talog. If you like gin, then why not go for a gin that is unmistakably juniper?