Most Welsh people will recognise these words as the closing line of the Welsh National Anthem. But what are we actually singing as we belt it out at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff before the Wales rugby team take on their unsuspecting opponents?

We are in fact singing “May the old language (yr hen iaith) continue”.

Here at Jin Talog, we couldn’t agree more. “Cytuno yn llwyr”, you might say. We are a bilingual enterprise and we use Welsh in our business everyday. We have developed a loyal local following, not only because we make great gin, but also due to the fact that we are committed to using and promoting the use of Welsh.

When we set up Jin Talog we had a lot of support from Cymraeg Byd Busnes, which advises small business on how to use Welsh effectively to communicate with customers.

Last week we were delighted to be invited to the inaugural Canol Dre festival in Carmarthen to talk about how we use Welsh at Jin Talog, why it is important, and why we think that it also makes commercial sense. We hope that our many customers who don’t speak Welsh will take a look at the Welsh pages of our website, and have a look at our label on our bottles- the English content on the label gives information about our gin but the Welsh content is in the form of a melodic and lyrical poem.

You might also notice from our social media feeds that we sometimes post in Welsh, sometimes in English, or both.

Welsh is a living, thriving language that belongs to everyone here in Wales, Welsh speakers, learners, and non Welsh speakers alike. Here at Jin Talog we are proud to embrace it.

O bydded i’r hen iaith barhau!