We have been working hard all summer to cultivate new botanicals on our farm to complement our Signature Single Botanical juniper gin.

Our philosophy was simple- we would only use botanicals that added true and discernible flavour, and we would only use what can be grown here on our farm in the top left-hand corner of Carmarthenshire.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, not quite so easy.

Here at Jin Talog we believe that the London Dry method of making gin makes the truest and cleanest gins. That means that we have to immerse our botanicals in our spirit and water mix inside the still. Furthermore, nothing can be added after distillation and our gin must always be clear.

This can be a challenge as the easiest way to impart flavour would be to add a concentrate after the distillation- thereby creating a compound gin. This has never been an option for us, so the trick was to:

(a)find the right botanicals that we could grow in what turned out to be an unusually hot summer


(b) find a way of getting the maximum flavour profile from these botanicals in our London Dry distillation process

We experimented with several botanicals that either did not work or did not flourish in this part of Wales. After months of careful watering and pruning (and a few disasters), we eventually settled on creating Twin Botanical gin varieties of Bay Leaf, Blackcurrant Leaf, and Lemon Verbena.

We have been delighted with the results.

Our Lemon Verbena is a real crowd pleaser and already a firm favourite with zingy top notes of sherbet lemons. We like it neat over ice or with a variety of exotic tonics, or even with bitter lemon for that retro vibe.

Our Blackcurrant Leaf is a rather more grown up flavour, containing the essence of earthy blackcurrant notes and a surprising complexity. We particularly enjoy this neat on the rocks.

Our Bay Leaf was a real surprise– juniper notes are overlaid with a warm wintery Bay fragrance and long finish- we think that this is going to be very popular at Christmas time.

Our Twin Botanicals are made in small quantities and are highly seasonal, perfect for sipping to enjoy the rare twinned botanicals. They come in 50cl bottles and we have varied our label with a yellow theme.

We have loved experimenting with growing our botanicals and playing with flavours over the summer and we are already thinking of what we can do next year.

When they’re gone, they’re gone, so get them while you can via the online shop.