We can hardly believe it, but after only a few months in production, Jin Talog has won a Gold Medal for artwork and bottle design at the prestigious IWSC awards. The IWSC awards attract competition from wines and spirits brands big and small from around the world.


Here at the Jin Talog distillery, we do everything by hand on our farm in rural Wales. We adopt a painstaking approach to all that we do to ensure that we make a gin of the highest quality.


This extends to the design of our bottle and the label was created to ensure that our gin stands out both on the shelf and in the bar, in what is a crowded market. We are a micro business with no marketing budget so it is important that the bottle and label work hard for our brand.


We planned our label to reflect our Welsh, rural heritage. We are bilingual and we use both Welsh and English to communicate with our local community and consumers.


We make our gin by hand in our old cowshed on the farm and our inspiration for our label was the heritage of our farm.


We took the concept of a Victorian era farm sale poster and updated it. Farm sale posters were used to advertise sales of animals, machinery and other goods that were held on farms regularly at the time. We modernised this format for our label.


Before we get too big headed, we should mention that none of this would have been possible without the help of those good people at Percolated Design in Narberth.


Gail and Gareth transformed our idea into a suite of label and branding materials that really elevated our brand. They worked tirelessly to refine and improve our initial idea, so we have to say a huge diolch to them. We are still working with them as we continue to maintain and develop the website,  although we wouldn’t blame them if they blocked our calls and assumed new identities to get rid of us.


In short, we cannot recommend Percolated Design highly enough, and we bless the day that they were recommended to us by a friend in Talog.


Our bilingual label shows a graphic depiction of a juniper frond to emphasise the single botanical, juniper heavy nature of our gin. The Welsh text conveys the information that is written in English, but in the melodic and lyrical form of an “odl”- a traditional Welsh poem.


This not only provides additional interest and association with us from Welsh speakers, but also creates interest from consumers in England and overseas, who will not be accustomed to seeing or reading the Welsh language. We use this to publicise and celebrate the Welsh language wherever Jin Talog is sold.


We sign and number each label by hand, reflecting the small scale of our distillery and our personal commitment to creating a high quality gin through a painstaking process where everything is done by hand in batches of around 30 bottles.


We put a lot of thought into our bottle and label. Our customers seem to like them and now we have won this award. We never really expected to win anything, never mind get a Gold Medal.


Time to celebrate with a gin. Anyone know where we can lay our hands on some?