Jin Talog - Organic Welsh Gin


Tough times call for kind gestures…

Here at the farm we have been thinking of how we can play our part in the current difficulties that we are all facing.We’re staying safe by staying at home, and by observing social distancing when we do need to venture out. We’re still selling our gin online, and we’re offering free shipping as detailed below. Any events we were attending have been postponed, and we’re not welcoming visitors to the distillery, but we do look forward to seeing you all again when we all work out what the ‘new normal’ looks like.

The easy thing to do is to offer free shipping on all gin orders online, to ensure that Jin Talog can survive. We also committed to supporting other local businesses as much as we can by ordering from local independent businesses like ours who are still open. At the start of the crisis, we identified our capability to make hand sanitiser- after all, we had the equipment and some of the ingredients necessary.

It took a while to get approval from HMRC and to assemble the ingredients specified by the WHO formula, but finally we were ready to start production, and we are now a few batches in.

We wanted to make a local impact and help as many people in our community as possible, given that we are a very small distillery based on our farm.

We have always relied on our local community for support and, now it is our turn to support them.

We have been distributing our hand sanitiser free of charge in local villages, whilst respecting social distancing rules. We are trying to ensure that we can get around as many local villages as possible. 

We have also been in discussion with our local Health Board to target where our sanitiser can have the best impact.


We are still making gin and sending it out to our dear customers, and we have some exciting plans for Jin Talog, when things return to normal. For now, we have this new and unexpected focus on producing hand sanitiser, that we hope is making some small difference here in the top left hand corner of Carmarthenshire.

Hand sanitiser distribution update

We will be the Community Centre car park in CYNWYL ELFED on Wednesday, 6th of May from 4.00 until 5.00pm.
If you live within walking distance, please come on foot as part of your daily exercise to collect a bottle.
If you live in the surrounding area and travelling by car, do
not get out of your car, we will drop a bottle on your back seat.
Please only collect if you are local and really need it- supplies are limited to 1 bottle per household/ car.
Please note that this is not an excuse for social gathering. Maintain social distancing at all times. Collect your bottle and leave immediately.

Stay safe, everyone.